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International Macrobiotic Education Center

Volunteer in the Netherlands

If you are interested in macrobiotics you are welcome to live and work with us.

Nutthaya & Hansa

Experience macrobiotics in daily life in our family and natural food company.

  • help in our stall at the organic food market
  • bake pies, cookies and cakes without sugar
  • produce pesto, humus and tofuspreads
  • deepfry samosa's and spring rolls
  • fill grains, beans & seeds in consumer bags
  • assist in preparing macrobiotic meals
  • clean the house
  • prepare tempeh, natto & seitan
  • improve your health
  • enjoy nature in the dunes and at the beach
Peaceplanet at the Market in Amsterdam

Meet people at the organic food markets in and around Amsterdam.

  • free bed & 3 macrobiotic meals per day
  • share a room with an other volunteer
  • enjoy working 5 days a week
  • minimum stay 3 months
  • work as a volunteer
  • we do not accept any drugs or medicines

We are inviting you to stay in our family and to share life with us.

Our Group


If you are interested to volunteer in Peaceplanet in the Netherlands,
please complete the form and click the send button at the end.

First name:
Family name:
Address 1:
Address 2:
Zip code:
Phone (daytime):
Phone (evening):

Date of birth:
Place of birth:
Marital status:
Name of partner:
Number of children:
Age of children:

What is your education?
Do you have a driving licence?
What is your profession?
Which languages do you speak/write?
Do you have any particular skills?
Please mention you hobbies.
Are you able to work 40 hours a week?

Do you have any health problem?
Do you use drugs and/or medication?
If yes, what kind?

Do you have any experience in macrobiotics?
If yes, please describe.
Do you have any experience in natural food?
If yes, please describe.
Do you have any experience with food production?
If yes, please describe.

What are your personal strengths?
How would you like to improve yourself?
What are your goals in life?
What do you expect from your stay with us?

Do you have enough money for a ticket to Holland?
Can you accept a simple room?
Are you willing to share a room with someone else?

Which kind of activities would you like to take part in?
Cleaning and laundry
Home production of macrobiotic food
Filling grains, beans, seeds, etc.
Working at the market

From which date you can come to Holland?
How long do you want to stay?
Do you want to come with someone else?
If yes, who? (please provide their name here and send a second form).

Please write a short account of your life story so far.

Do you have any questions that have not been answered on this site?

Contact us:

Peaceplanet Netherlands

Nutthaya Yotkham
Hansa den Hoed

Home address:
Den Burglaan 23
1906 XK Limmen
the Netherlands
t: +31-72-2110402

Company Address:
De Hoefsmid 20
1851 PZ Heiloo
the Netherlands
t: +31-6-50501619

Nutthaya in Den Haag

Hansa in Den Haag
Peaceplanet Thailand

Nutthaya Yotkham
Hansa den Hoed

5, Mu 5
Ban Ruam Thai (Pang Ung)
Mok Champae
Muang Mae Hong Son 58000
t: +66-910-962-14


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